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Bookkeeping Basics

full-service bookkeeping

The skilled bookkeepers of Key Figures can take care of all aspects of financial management. From bank reconciliations and classifying transactions to tax readiness and financial statements, we make sure you have the information and time you need to focus on what really matters to you.

Invoicing and Bill Payment Management 

Our accounts receivable and accounts payable systems enable you to always know who owes you money and what payments you have coming up. We facilitate effective communication with your customers and vendors, and can manage collections and payments, so everyone is paid on time.

Payroll services

Whether you have one employee or dozens, we have a payroll solution to meet your needs. Our professional payroll services take the worry out of payroll tax payments and filings, guarantee your staff are paid on time with ease, and ensure effective maintenance of your employee records.

Bookkeeping training & Support

We teach you and your staff how to take control of your finances and business. We stay with you through the long haul and will be there to handle things as they come up and meet the challenges and changes as your business grows.

Effective Systems

SYsteM Design & Implementation

We work with you to create customized, sustainable, and effective workflows for managing your financial data and administrative activities. From simple record keeping to controlling complex organizations, we build solutions tailored to meet today’s needs, and flexible enough to grow into tomorrow’s.

EFFICIENCY and e-platform integration

Many of today’s business applications are designed to work together, streamlining time consuming and often redundant data entry procedures. Whether you need your CRM data to translate into sales data, or your timesheets transformed into payroll, we can identify and implement the best integrations for you. 

Inventory Valuation & COGS Tracking

Whether you are buying and selling products at a markup, or running a sophisticated manufacturing operation, an accurate understanding of your inventory value and true cost of goods sold enables you to make the best pricing and purchasing decisions. Our use of COGS calculation and inventory tracking systems get you there.  


 Ensure effective management of restricted and conditional grants with systems designed to streamline reporting and payment requests, along with clarifying your outstanding obligations to your fund providers. Our approach sheds light on how restricted and unrestricted funds are deployed to meet your mission and build organizational sustainability.


Our use of custom-built budgeting tools enable you to plan for the near future, measure progress toward goals, and effectively manage organizational performance. We can facilitate your budgeting process, streamline regular budget reporting, and give you the information you need to identify and respond to both problems and opportunities.


Tax Preparation & Compliance



Let our skilled tax team take the stress out of tax time. We offer tax preparation and consulting services for all businesses and their owners - including Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations and Cooperative Associations. Committed to getting you the deductions you are entitled to, we will work with you as part of your team, talking in a language you understand.  We can meet with you in person (Austin area only) or service all your tax needs remotely. We are committed to offering professional and accurate tax consulting and preparation services at a reasonable price.


From 1099s to State Franchise Tax, we will enable you to stay aware of the licenses and tax filings required of your organization or business to stay in compliance with federal, state, county, and local regulations.

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Our tax returns are prepared on a flat fee basis, according to the complexity of your return. Our brief questionnaire helps us estimate this and prepare a quote for you. If you are interested in a receiving a quote for our tax preparation services, please complete the brief questionnaire below:

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